"We have worked with Qatalys for many years now. They have been a valuable partner in getting our product to market quickly and with the features that our customer’s desire. They work closely with our on-shore team of engineers to produce and test a high quality market leading product. We also continue to see productivity improvements year over year. We have the ability to do more and in a shorter period of time thanks to our Qatalys partnership."
Neil Simon, COO
Aprima Medical Software
"I have known Rao Telidevara and his company, Qatalys, for more than ten years and have found them to be thought leaders in both Enterprise and Mobile Healthcare solution development. The Qatalys team is consistently well-informed about the constantly changing healthcare IT landscape and agile in crafting innovative solutions to meet new challenges. I have also had the occasion to interact with multiple Qatalys customers such as Verizon, Misys, and Aprima, all of whom have spoken highly of their experiences with the company. Qatalys' unique approach of putting a project liaison officer on site for every project dramatically reduces the potential for mis-communication between the development team and the end-users and I have yet to find a dissatisfied customer. I strongly recommend Qatalys."
Ronald A. Hellstern, MD
Principal, Medical Practice Productivity Consultants, P.A.
"Qatalys is not just a contractor for us, they are our partner. The team works to improve efficiency any way they can to get more productivity out of every hour spent. Through understanding our processes and their capabilities, the team is able to gain more than 3 hours a day in productivity. We have the ability to do more and be more nimble thanks to our Qatalys partnership."
-Daniel Popp, VP Engineering
Aprima Medical Software
"The level of service and productivity of the team has been exceptional. We reviewed well over 300 builds in the last year that is counting clients with multiple sites as a single release. That’s more than a build a [work] day. We could not have achieved such a high volume of productivity without Qatalys support; nor would we have delivered those products with the same level of quality had it not been for the teams’ participation….. Qatalys has been a fundamental part of our success; the team should be proud of their contributions and recognize that they are truly a part of the company, not just a service provider."
-Jim Bates, QA Manager
"Dealing with Qatalys Teams in USA and India, is an excellent business experience. You are some of the very few fine professional gentlemen, that I worked with."

-Walton Orvin, CPA, President
Integrated Time and Pay