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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Information and data in a healthcare organization can be broadly categorized as Financial, Clinical, and Operational. Our challenge is extraction of the correct information to get the broadest picture of an organization, in order to support correct decision-making at key times, saving money and minimizing errors.

We understand the economic stresses currently at work in the industry. Some of these are:

  • Reducing operational and administrative cost
  • Finding opportunities to minimize claim rejections and reduce time in claim oriented revenue realization; overall to have better revenue cycle management
  • Optimizing supplies cost
  • Identifying fraud
  • Recognizing cost effective treatments
  • Minimizing inefficient and duplicate treatments or services
  • Having better disease and infections management to focus on early prevention and to avoid expensive later-stage treatments

We recognize BI & Analytics are exercised to recognize tangible benefits. We have the expertise and proven experience to help companies have in place a BI & Analytics system in order to recognize tangible benefits in a timely manner by:

  • Reducing administrative and operational costs
  • Improving claim reimbursement rates
  • Improving quality and reducing treatment costs with multi-dimensional patient information and history

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