Intersystems Ensemble Developer

HealthShare Foundation (Ensemble) Architect/Developer

***Must Have Intersystems Ensemble Experience***
1.       Best practices for Developing Interfaces on HSF. This involves things
a.       coding and naming conventions,
b.       source code file structures,
c.       auditing, logging etc.,
d.       reusable components across different interfaces
2.       Help develop simple/complex interfaces based on Requirements .
a.       Billing Interface – Interface with Internal Systems
b.      Customer Interface – HL7 etc
c.       Device Interface – Internal/ Continuua standard – We will provide you with the details.
3.       Putting process in place for Release Management
4.       Setting up scripts for code deployment and code management
5.       Code Review and  feedback to other developers.
6.       Lead the interface team in meeting deliverables as assigned by us.